Epic RV Road Trip Day 10

This day had us driving down the coast of Oregon. I had found a place called Thors Wells on the places to see webpage and had thrown that on our agenda. The KOA staff also recommended Sea Lion Caves if we could squeeze it in.

Thors Wells is on Cape Perpetua which is a beautiful spot if you have a chance to check it out. Unfortunately I had not done all my homework and to get the most out of it you should go at high tide, and we got there during low tide. It was still really cool to see and walk around, but we didn’t get the most out of it. Andrew and I ran all over the area taking pictures, the kids got to climb around on the rocks, Tracy and 2.0 came out to see things, and Ginny came down as far as the beach. After messing around there for a bit we loaded back up in the RV and went on our way.






We were making good time on our way to the Redwoods KOA, so when we saw the sign for sea lion caves we decided to stop. It was pretty cool, but we were hitting it at the wrong season. Once you got your ticket you could head down the elevator to the cave, or go to the overlook. Because of the time of year most of the sea lions were out of the cave, but we still did that first. There was one big bull on a rock in the center of the cave so that was cool.


An offshoot of the cave had a really cool view of a lighthouse so that made Andrew very happy.



They had these cute little masks for helping with the smell we had to make the kids try on.


After we got our fill of the cave we headed back up topside to the observation area. Lots of sea lions were down below in various stages of activity. We even got to see a few jumping in and out of the water.




It was a nice distraction, and in the right season where they are mostly in the cave it would have been really cool, but all in all a little disappointing.

After a stop for dinner we set up for the night at the KOA right outside Redwood National and State Parks.

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