Epic RV Road Trip Day 9

Ginny, Tracy, 2.0, and I partook of the KOA’s breakfast again while Andrew and the kids did their own thing.  After that we got on our way.  It was going to be a long day.  The only planned thing on the agenda was Multnomah Falls.  It was another one I got from the “places in America you must see” webpage.

We made a target run before we got out of Seattle to restock a few travel essentials as well as pick up a few things we discovered we needed along the way.  Then we pointed the RV south again and made our way into Oregon.  We got to the falls around 3 in the afternoon.  Waze took us in a historic highway that ran right by the falls which would have been great if not for the fact that we were in a rather large RV.  Several times we had to stop in order to let cars come by us in the opposite direction when the road was about to get very tight.  We went right by the falls looking for parking, but there was nothing available.  There were several turnouts past it but they were full as well.  When we were about a mile past the falls we turned around and made a pass again.  Unfortunately there were still no available spots to park the RV.  We had resolved ourselves to just seeing it from the road as we passed when we found a spot just barely big enough at the neighboring Wahkeena Falls.  There was a .6 mile trail that led from Wahkeena to Multnomah so we hopped on it and started to make our way over.  That was when things started to get a little amusing and Andrew and I proved ourselves to be horrible sons in law.

Ginny doesn’t do well with heights, slopes, or uneven ground.  The trail had all of these in plenty.  At first she had a death grip on Tracy in order to make her way along the trail.



After a while Andrew hung back to help her out as well.



When the trail got really bad for her Tracy couldn’t help anymore so even though I had 2.0 in the ergo baby I took Tracy’s place to help Ginny out.


I had her hold onto the waist strap of the ergo.  She was concerned about falling and taking me and 2.0 with her.  I told her not to worry I had my hand on the waist strap quick release she was holding onto, she wasn’t taking us anywhere.  That actually made her feel a lot better.

We finally made it to the parking lot of Multnomah and Andrew, the kids, and I got our pennies and stamps while the ladies hit the bathroom.  When all that was taken care of it was up to the falls.  It is absolutely amazing, and well worth all the stress of getting there.  If you find yourself in the Portland area, definitely stop off to see it.




After snapping a few pictures at the base of the falls we made the short walk up to the bridge for a closer look.  I took a few pano shots to try and get the full falls in.




Since Andrew and I had already done the silly photo with Ginny and she opted not to go up to the bridge we had to take another silly photo pointing out where she was.


When all that was over with we were headed back down and Tristan lost his hat over the edge.  As expected of a 4 year old he had a meltdown, but thankfully the rangers office had a long claw for just such an occasion.  While Andrew ran back up the trail to get the hat, I ran back along the path to the RV so that I could drive back and pick everybody up.  We all agreed that it was safest for everyone involved that Ginny not try to make it back on the trail.

Unfortunately as we got on the way we hit rush hour traffic.  I remembered that an old friend of mine had moved to Portland a while back, so while we were in standstill traffic I snapped a pic of it and sent it to her complaining about her city, and advised her it was driving us crazy.



As it turned out we were only a couple exits away from her.  Since traffic sucked and it was dinner time we found a spot to eat and Molly joined us.


After dinner Molly headed home and we got on our way to the next KOA destination.  Fog had rolled in on the 20 and the 101 so it was slow going and we didn’t get there till very late.  Most of the passengers were already asleep so it was some careful maneuvering of the kids to keep everyone asleep after we got hooked up to power.

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  1. Wow the falls are beautiful. You might want to get Ginny a cane, it could make her feel more comfortable walking. Love to all

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