Epic RV Road Trip Day 11

I had planned to do a nice and easy scenic drive through the southern part of the forest after doing a light hike in the northern part.  Unfortunately Ginny had talked to a couple while doing laundry at the KOA who said that they had really messed up their RV doing the drive I was suggesting.  I’d done a lot of reading though and was sure that they had their facts wrong.  We headed over to the Hiouchi Visitor Center in the morning in order to get the kids their Junior Ranger books as well talk with a ranger about the scenic drive.  The woman we talked to was really nice, saying that our RV would have no problems on the road, and also to not bother with the hikes we were considering in the northern part of the forest.  Basically our RV wouldn’t fit on any of the roads leading to the hiking trails.

We had seen some pretty massive trees heading into the Hiouchi Visitor Center, but they were nothing compared to the ones on the scenic drive.  I had to pull over at one to get a few pictures of us in front of it.



We headed over to the Prairie Creek Visitor Center in order to get some additional information about hikes as well as see about some stuff for the kids Junior Ranger Books.  The ranger there suggested based on our restrictions checking out the Big Tree hike which would take us to the third largest tree in the park.  We headed over, parked the RV and then the whole group headed out on the trail.  The tree was very aptly named, and the hike was very easy if a little short.  We all snapped a few pictures at the tree and then continued on another short hike before heading out of the park.



We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner in a cute little town called Trinidad.  It was right on the coast and after finishing our meal we headed over to the lighthouse so Andrew could get a few pictures.  There was a trail right by the lighthouse that headed down to the beach along the harbor.  It was a bit steep for Ginny so the rest of us went down to enjoy the view.




After heading out we encountered our first issue with a KOA so far on the trip.  All the others were fine with 7 people at the site.  The limit was 6, but since one was an infant they would allow us there and just charge us for an extra person.  The KOA in Willits though was having none of that and said they would charge us full price for an extra site.  That was ridiculous so we decided to push on and try for the next KOA down the road.  Unfortunately they refused to answer their phone.  We opted to roll the dice and headed for it anyway arriving rather late at night and finding a vacant spot to pull into.  We all turned in shortly after getting there and got some much needed rest.

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