Epic RV Road Trip Day 12

When the office opened up in the morning I headed over to make sure everything was taken care of.  I’d filled out the night registration form when we arrived, but with the lack of contact from them I was a little concerned.  I guess when it comes to money they take care of things quickly because the woman behind the counter had my receipt all ready for me to sign.  She also answered two phone calls while I was standing there.  I guess Andrew and I just had really bad luck because between the two of us we had gotten the answering machine at least 20 times over a period of 3 hours.  We talked briefly and I mentioned that they were out of toilet paper in both the men’s and women’s rooms over by where we were parked.  Apparently their delivery company had dropped off the wrong type of paper and they were just putting out rolls whenever they could.  She even asked me if I could put a few in the bathrooms on the way back.  I obliged and shortly after that we got on out way.

The final destination of the day was my friends Kishore and Pooja’s house in San Ramon.  They had graciously offered up their place as our base of operations while we were in the San Francisco area.  It was going to be a pain trying to get around the city for any sight seeing we wanted to do not to mention my race so I accepted their offer.

Ginny had two missions she wanted to see while we were all in San Francisco.  One was in the city itself, but the other was out in Sonoma.  Since it was only slightly out of our way while heading to San Ramon, and it would have been an extremely expensive cab/uber ride for her to get there we agreed to take the slight detour.  We got there a little after lunch time and while Ginny headed over to the mission the rest of us checked out the town square.  There was a history museum that Tracy, 2.0, and I checked out while Andrew and the kids entertained themselves on the playground.  After a little while we all met up for lunch at a nice little restaurant and had a relaxing meal on their back patio dining area.

We headed on to Kishore and Pooja’s after that arriving a little after 4pm.  We found a spot in their neighborhood to park right across the street from their house thankfully, and then they welcomed us to their home.  Sleeping arrangements were figured out, a tour of the house was given, and then pizza was ordered for dinner.  Kishore and Pooja mentioned how a lot of our coworkers lived around the area so calls were made and eventually we headed over to my former manager Rachna’s house to hang out for a bit.  By the time we got back everyone else was asleep.  I felt a bit of scratchiness in my throat so I loaded up on orange juice and vitamin c in order to try and combat it.  After that I turned in for the night as well.

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