Epic RV Road Trip Day 13

Since it was going to be impossible to get around the city in the RV, Kishore ran Andrew and I over to the local Enterprise in order to get rentals.  He’d used his Costco membership to secure us much better prices than we could get through other perks.  Because Kishore’s car is only a two seater he drove me over first.  They gave me a Mini Cooper which was a huge adjustment to drive after the 30′ RV for nearly two weeks.  Having a throttle and steering that responded immediately took a little getting used to.  I stopped off at CVS in order to get myself some Dayquil, Nyquil, and vitamin C to do battle with the cold.  Kishore and Pooja had to get to work so I drove Andrew back over in order to get his car.  Afterward he put the booster seats in his car and I put 2.0’s car seat in the Mini.  Then the whole group headed over to the BART station in order to head downtown for some sight seeing.

The intention was to see a bunch of my coworkers for lunch but due to how long it took us to get ready we didn’t get downtown until well after any reasonable person would want to have lunch.  Ginny headed off to see her other mission while the rest of us grabbed a late lunch at the Ferry Building.  When lunch was over I convinced everyone to head over to the Exploratorium so the kids could have some fun.  Abby and Tristan had an absolute blast with all the hands on exhibits.  We could have spent even more time there but shortly after 5 we met up with Kishore and Pooja for some dinner before we all hopped the BART back out to San Ramon.

When we got back to Kishore and Pooja’s it was another evening of socializing and relaxing.  The cold had gotten worse as the day went on and everyone said that I looked horrible so I turned in a little early.

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