Epic RV Road Trip Day 14

The cold had hit me full force by Saturday morning and I was feeling like death so I texted my teammates to see what we could do.  Bill knew of a coworker that was a swimmer so he sent him a message to see if he wanted to do the race.  We didn’t hear back from him so I decided to head down to Marina Green to meet up with Bill and Paul to check in.  If Bill’s buddy got ahold of us before the check in he’d just check in instead of me.  Kishore volunteered to drive me since I apparently looked like death.

When we got down to Marina Green we still hadn’t heard back from Bill’s buddy so I went ahead and checked in with them.  The swag this year was much nicer than the previous year and the whole check in process went a lot smoother.  The fresh air and the general atmosphere of the race had me feeling a little better, but I still had some serious concerns about the race on Sunday.  I talked it over with Paul and Bill and they weren’t concerned about their finishing time.  Since we couldn’t swap swimmers at this point I told them that if I was still feeling horrible in the morning I’d take the ferry out, jump in the water, and then take the kayak ride in.  They were fine with this and were more concerned about my health than the race results.  We parted ways after that and Kishore drove us back to his place.

I napped a bit in the afternoon before having the amazing dinner that Pooja had prepared for us.  Since I wasn’t feeling good I couldn’t have nearly as much as I wanted, but what I did eat was great.  Shortly after dinner I turned in for the night.

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