It has begun

Several months ago my wonderful wife agreed to let me turn our shed into a workshop.  It came as a result of discussion that I wanted to start building new armor and other props for Star Wars costumes as well as other themes.  She said if I was going to do that I couldn’t take over a room in the house, I should do it in the shed.  I think she was partially joking, but I latched onto the idea and suggested we have power run out to the shed.  

A local electrician came out to give us a quote on not only running electric to the shed, but also upgrade our circuit breaker panel as we had been having some issues.  After some back and forth we finally settled on a date for the work, and agreed that I would be digging the trench for the lines to be placed in.  Unfortunately there were some complications and my install date was moved up.  Normally getting something done sooner isn’t an issue, but when digging a 50′ long trench at least 18″ deep through the mountain soil is involved all the time is important.

I got in touch with a buddy on the mountain who has a tractor with a backhoe attachment.  Even though it is Memorial Day weekend and he would miss out on time with his family he swung by this morning to help with the lion share of the work.  The backhoe made quick work of the rocky soil and he quickly had a lot of the trench done.  Unfortunately with the location of the trench he couldn’t get it completely dug, but in just under 2 hours he was able to do what would have taken me all day.  Once he headed home I got to work on the rest of it.  Another 3 hours of playing in the dirt and the trench is all ready for the electrician tomorrow.  It should be at least 18″ deep the entire length, although with the piles of dirt on either side it feels a lot deeper.

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